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Most of our furniture and decor is available to rent for staging or photo shoots.

Staging Rental Rates

Renters will be charged for the full retail amount of rented item before pickup and will be refunded as follows:

0-30 days: 65% refund 

30-60 days: 50% refund

60-90 days: 35% refund

90+days: 0% refund

Item must be returned in the condition it was received.

Photo Shoot Rentals

Rentals are for a 3 day period and the fee is 25% of the retail value of the item. 

The full retail amount of rented item will be charged at time of reservation and item must be returned in the condition it was received.  If the item is kept longer then the 3 day period, the rental rate will increase by 25% per day until it is returned


Renters are responsible for preparing and transporting their rented items. 

Shop Rentals

Our shop may be rented out for film or photo shoots, hourly or daily. Please fill out the rental inquiry form below for more information.

Rental inquiry
Thank you!
we will contact you soon.
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